CashSender pitch on Dragons’ Den from SEP 14 2011 aired on TV again today

Do you hate paying $25 in fees to receive a $500 online payment via legacy payment systems? There has to be a better solution.

Set your payment free with CashSender. We’re a new online payment system where payments are sourced from bitcoins and user bank accounts (in Canada and Europe) instead of credit cards. The result is rock bottom fees for online merchants. Payments under $20 are free. And payment over $20 up to $1000 carry a $1 flat fee.

CashSender’s founder Henry Tenby appeared on the Dragons’ Den in September, 2011. He was treated very poorly and unprofessionally. Today, CashSender has expanded into the bitcoin payments business and more and more people appreciate the benefits of dealing with a lower cost PayPal alternative service that is Canadian owned and registered. CashSender is an affordable option other than PayPal and credit cards.

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