CashSender email list hacked from Mail Chimp

All CashSender members need to be aware of the following:

The list of user email addresses which we stored off our website at Mail Chimp for communication purposes, has been hacked from the Mail Chimp website.

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We are pleased to share that auction site has implemented CashSender as an alternate to PayPal for its seller community.

AirlineHobby offers their sellers an additional 10% fee credit when using CashSender to make account fee payments.

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We are now using interac for all CashSender uploads/downloads in Canada

CashSender Canadian users will be pleased to know we have switched to interac e-money transfers for all uploads and downloads between the CashSender system and bank accounts in Canada.

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CashSender makes it FREE to send money online by slashing fees

Send money online for free with CashSender

With CashSender you can send money online for free. All payments under $20 are free of fees. All payments over $20 carry a $1 flat fee. And all bitcoin payments are free. Switch from PayPal and save a fortune in annual fees.

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The PayPal Fee Calculator by CashSender

PayPal fee calculator

CashSender is a payment website that offers affordable service in order to compete against PayPal at some point. The payment website was designed in order to fill the gap in terms of the online payment industry. Even though there are a lot of payment providers on the internet these days, poor technical support, lax security and high fees are amongst the problems.

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New CashSender VIDEO FAQs

We have just published a series of 25 new VIDEO FAQs addressing common questions about the CashSender system.

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CashSender FEB 10 2014 Newsletter

Here is the latest CashSender newsletter:
CashSender FEB 10 2014 Newsletter

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Looking for an airline to be the first to accept ticket payment in bitcoins

CashSender now processes bitcoin online paymentsWe are looking for an airline that would like to be the world’s first to accept ticket payment in bitcoins.

As far as we are aware, there is no airline today that has integrated bitcoins as a payment method on their air passenger ticket sales website.

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VIDEO: CashSender can help airline offer the very lowest fares to passengers

This video by reveals a mysterious expense that is unnecessarily passed onto unsuspecting airline passengers.

This overlooked expense can amount to $5-$10 on low cost airline tickets and up to $20 on higher cost tickets. As explained in the video, CashSender can exclusively help airlines offer their customers a means to avoid this expense and save money on ticket purchases.

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VIDEO: How to upload bitcoin from your bitcoin wallet to CashSender

Uploading credit in bitcoin from your personal bitcoin wallet to the CashSender system is super easy as explained in this short video.

Once you have uploaded your bitcoins to CashSender, you can make online purchases in bitcoin from website owners that use CashSender’s bitcoin payment buttons on their websites.

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