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Watch our video: only pay 15c to receive your online payments
Why pay astronomical online payment fees?
We think you can put your money to better use.
With CashSender you'll benefit with
  • Super low fees: (FREE < $5 / 15c up to $999)
  • Shopping cart, payment buttons, IPN for website payments
  • Best in class online security
  • Service in over 60 countries
  • No credit cards = no hassles
All payments are bank account or bitcoin sourced*
* (never by credit card)
Businesses Individuals Developers

CashSender serves 64 countries all with easy, electronic bank transfers to the CashSender system.

Low Fees

No contracts. No hidden fees.
Free to send payments.


Simply link your bank account to your secure CashSender account and start making and receiving online payments. We also now facilitate bitcoin payments too.


Easily integrate CashSender into your eCommerce site through a range of developer tools.


CashSender features 128-bit key length data encryption and PIN to keep your personal details protected.

Customer Comments & Testimonials
"I have used CashSender many times and it's a great service. CashSender is well designed and very easy to use. The attention to details and comprehensive support sets CashSender apart from the competition. The savings are great too."
Frank Morton (Vancouver, Canada)
"I am very impressed with CashSender.
It's easy to use, the safety features are excellent and the fees are low. Good work!"

Oliver Mausberg (Alberhausen, Germany)
"I used CashSender many times now and it's easy to use. Saves you a lot of money also."
Chris Mak (Haarlem, Netherlands)
"I used CashSender regularly for both receiving and sending of payments. CashSender is quick, convenient and secure - and a better deal than the competition."
Erik Johannesson (Toronto, Canada)