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11 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Chris Mak says:

    Have used cashsender many times now and is easy to use.
    Saves you a lot of money so stop using PayPal!!

  2. Marcel (AviationTrade) says:

    Ich habe Cashsender als Verkäufer und Käufer in den letzten Monaten mehrmals erfolgreich eingesetzt. Sowohl das ‘look and feel’ der Seite, wie auch die Security Features haben mich überzeugt. Zudem profitiert der Verkäufer von viel tieferen Kommissionen und kann sich die Guthaben einfacher und auch in Fremdwährungen (z.B. in Euro auf ein Schweizer Bankkonto – geht bei Paypal nicht) überweisen lassen. Daumen hoch und weiter so! Vielen Dank Henry.

  3. Oliver Mausberg (Cedarjet) says:

    Hello Henry,
    I used CashSender for my first payments now, and I have to say, I am pretty impressed with your work. It´s easy to use, the safety features seem to be excellent, and no question about the fees, way below PayPal. Just a pity it is so confined to a certain group of users (slide seller and collectors). OK, I don´t see much chance for you to break into the ebay market (they will protect their subsidiary by and means), but have you ever thought about selling the idea to airlines or train companies for instance? I mean, anyone who ever bought a ticket online has to be aghast about the credit card fees….
    As I said, good work from your side!

  4. Thank you Oliver … we appreciate the support and feedback. It is very much appreciated! Yes we have attempted to market our service to the travel industry and even produced a promotional video:

    As with any new business it takes time (probably years) to build traction. In these early years we have to rely on word-of-mouth support from our customers to help get the word out.

  5. Michael Lohmann says:

    I used cashsender for my stay in Canada (I’m from Germany) and really liked it. It has good security features and the rates to transfer money from one currency to another are excellent. And the fees for transactions are very low as well. I would recommened it.

  6. Bob den Engelsman says:

    CashSender is a ‘no-nonsence’ way to pay or receive money. Although the majority still uses Paypal for payment, the most sensible thing for the future is Cashsender. Like many creditcard companies, Paypal is too expensive

  7. tom carrick says:

    I collect commercial airliner 35mm slides, and one of the websites I purchase slides from is AirlineHobby.com. The site’s webmaster suggested the CashSender payment service he developed, which I find very easy to use. With CashSender I pay sellers for slide auctions that I have won. It is not as expensive as paypal due to the fact that the payment fee is lower, as credit cards are not involved. I highly recommend CashSender to any individual or business. I believe that they will find it very worthwhile.
    Tom Carrick
    Foster City, CA

  8. Hi Tom, Thank you for the referral. It is always a pleasure to be of service. Your long term support is very much appreciated!

  9. Thank you Michael! It was good having you visit in Vancouver last summer, and we hope to see you and Eva back in Canada soon. I am glad CashSender was able to help you in moving funds between German and Canada without your having to pay high wire fees to the banks! All the best, Henry

  10. To our friend Marcel at AviationTrade in Zurich, thank you for your kind words of support for CashSender. I very much appreciate your business over the years, and I wish that we continue to enjoy mutually beneficial business success in the years ahead.

  11. Thank you Bob! We very much appreciate your using CashSender in the Netherlands. Our goal is to provide a long term low cost (yet secure) online payment solution completely removed from the credit card networks. Dank u well … Tot ziens!!