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Why CashSender does not serve the United States

We get a lot of emails and messages asking us why we do not serve the US market. People explain to us that the US is a huge market, and we should not exclude it from our business model.

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How to upload credit from a Euro bank account to the CashSender system

This short video explains how to upload credit from a account to the system.


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A comparison of exchange rates

A client recently wanted to convert credit within his account by converting $500 CAD credit into Euro credit. He compared our rate with the posted rate on , and saw that he was getting 10 Euro less in , and was curious as to why there is a difference.

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Robin Buxton Joins CashSender as Director, UK Operations

PRESS RELEASE: VANCOUVER, Canada – January 10, 2011 – We are very pleased to announce that Robin Buxton has joined as its new Director of .

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New Low Cost Payment Site Launches Developers Integration Center

IPN and Payment Allow Website Owners  To Accept Low Cost Payments

PRESS RELEASE: VANCOUVER, Canada – September 27, 2010 – For many online shoppers, online payments are synonymous with , Visa and Mastercard. These payment methods are in fact very costly, and there is a new low cost alternative.

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Canadian Start Up Offers Online Shoppers Tax Relief

Innovative Online Payment System Puts Back In Buyer’s Pockets With Every Purchase

PRESS RELEASE: VANCOUVER, Canada – August 31, 2010 – For many online shoppers, State and Provincial Sales Taxes have increased living costs at the worst time possible. The recession has made things more difficult for all buyers, and everyone is looking to save money wherever possible.

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New Payment Service Announces Cash Back Program

Industry First: Payment rebate program offers 2 percent cash back for online payments

PRESS RELEASE: VANCOUVER, Canada – June 02, 2010 – Online buyers and online payment senders have a new low cost alternative that puts back in their pockets with every payment sent. .com announced today their new 2 percent .

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CashSender.com Becomes Every Small Merchants Payment Pal Slashing High Industry Fees For Online Payments

Firm Charges 15 cent flat fee for online payments .. or FREE

PRESS RELEASE: VANCOUVER, Canada – April 11, 2010 – Small businesses have a new low cost pal to handle online payments for their products and services. CashSender.com announced today a service designed to slash exorbitant e-commerce transfer fees for online merchants to as low as pennies per transaction.

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