New Payment Service Announces Cash Back Program

Industry First: Payment rebate program offers 2 percent cash back for online payments

PRESS RELEASE: VANCOUVER, Canada – June 02, 2010 – Online buyers and online payment senders have a new low cost alternative that puts money back in their pockets with every payment sent. .com announced today their new 2 percent .

“The competition charges everyone far too much in fees, and we’re going to help put the money back where it belongs, and that’s in the pocket of our customers,” said Henry Tenby, Founder. “We’re cutting fees to the bone to spur the growth of online commerce.”

United States residents can fund from their CashSender accounts direct from their bank accounts. Canadian and Euro Zone residents can also electronically fund their CashSender accounts direct from their bank accounts.

CashSender accounts are funded directly from a user’s bank account, and the company does not allow . The company avoids the high costs of credit card facilities, and the direct savings are passed right to CashSender site members by way of rock bottom fees.

“As far as I am aware, we are the first and the only online payment service to offer a cash back program for online payment senders” said Tenby.

“With economies struggling, we really wanted to do everything possible to help everyone save money. By lowering buyers’ transaction costs, they might spend a bit more. And that helps . And is the engine of growth and employment in the United States.”

For more information about CashSender, and to start on your online payments, please visit them online at


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