We are now using interac for all CashSender uploads/downloads in Canada

CashSender Canadian users will be pleased to know we have switched to interac e-money transfers for all uploads and downloads between the CashSender system and bank accounts in Canada.

Canadian CashSender members will no longer need to “link” their bank accounts to the CashSender system with tedious micro deposits, and account verifications. The old system has now been fully replaced with the interac system as explained in these two videos.

Website owners in Canada can now use CashSender’s rich complement of merchant tools to process website payments that are funded from their customers’ bank accounts using the interac e-transfer system. The interac e-transfer system run by the major banks does not in its own right support on online merchant or website payment tools. The CashSender system provides a safe, reliable solution for website owners who wish to provide an interac e-transfer payment solution for their customers.

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