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PayPal fee calculator

CashSender is a payment website that offers affordable service in order to compete against PayPal at some point. The payment website was designed in order to fill the gap in terms of the online payment industry. Even though there are a lot of payment providers on the internet these days, poor technical support, lax security and high fees are amongst the problems.

While managing a niche auction website in 2005, Henry Tenby, the founder of CashSender, was given a variety of feedback from sellers and buyers revealing the predicaments in terms of the services of the current online payment. Such problems consist of high fee complaints and security concerns. In order to deal with these concerns, Henry Tenby thought of a one-of-a-kind payment method to remove credit cards and make use of bank account credit only, thus getting rid of high fees. In addition, Henry Tenby applied high security aspects in order to uphold bank accounts from illegal access.

This payment website was founded as another way of receiving and sending payments on the internet in the most low cost, secured and simple means possible. By getting rid of expensive credit card fees, the website sends these savings to the individual by charging a minimal fees. All payments less than $20 are free of charge, as is sending payments. Payments over $20 cost a $1 flat fee. And all bitcoin payments via CashSender are free.

Because of this, CashSender has created an SEO-optimized webpage in order for individuals to calculate their fees on PayPal annually called the PayPal Fee Calculator. All you have to do is just key in the details of your payments being received thru your online business and PayPal Fee Calculator will calculate your fees yearly.

CashSender is a payment service provider website established in 2005 in Canada. The payment website only assists payments on the internet which are authorized in served countries, and doesn’t offer payment services for gambling transactions online. The payment website isn’t a banking institution and it doesn’t pay interest nor lend money.

Compliant with their user agreement and privacy policy, CashSender will not share your financial details with payment recipients, or distinct third-parties, provided that it is required to do so by court order or the law. To offer electronic transfer funds between your account on CashSender and bank account, specific financial details need to be shared with monetary institutions, per the privacy policy of CashSender.

If you want to know your total PayPal fee this year, then all you have to do is just visit the webpage of PayPal Fee Calculator at

With the help of PayPal Fee Calculator, you can now be able to learn how much cash you can save on a yearly basis. All you have to do is simply input the average amount, the quantity of payments on a monthly basis, and click “Calculate”. The PayPal Fee Calculator is a beneficial webpage of CashSender that allows you to be aware of how much you can save on your payments annually!

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