CashSender makes it FREE to send money online by slashing fees

Send money online for free with CashSender

With CashSender you can send money online for free. All payments under $20 are free of fees. All payments over $20 carry a $1 flat fee. And all bitcoin payments are free. Switch from PayPal and save a fortune in annual fees.

Who wants lower fees? The cost of sending money online is reaching new record lows, as Vancouver based online payment service has announced their new lowest fees ever. Details below.

Effective today:

All online payments under $20 are FREE of fees.

All online payments over $20 carry a $1 flat fee (up to $999).

And all Bitcoin payments processed via the CashSender system are FREE of fees.

Sending money online has never been cheaper. According to CashSender founder Henry Tenby “people shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to send money online. It’s crazy that PayPal and other competitors charge their users $20 or $50 to send $500 across a border.”

CashSender is a Canadian company that was founded in 2005, and is a legally registered money transmitter with FINTRAC, the Canadian regulatory agency that governs the money sending business in Canada. Always deal with registered money transmitters as you don’t want to become another Mt.Gox casualty.

About Henry Tenby, CashSender Founder Founder
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