Looking for an airline to be the first to accept ticket payment in bitcoins

CashSender now processes bitcoin online paymentsWe are looking for an airline that would like to be the world’s first to accept ticket payment in bitcoins.

As far as we are aware, there is no airline today that has integrated bitcoins as a payment method on their air passenger ticket sales website.

Being the first airline in the world to online accept ticket payment in bitcoins will be a terrific marketing talking point and will bring the chosen airline a lot of positive PR and media exposure.

So we are looking for an interested airline partner to join with us to make this a reality. Our company, CashSender.com is a Canadian registered low cost online payment processor. We are one of the few online payment services that provide websites with the tools needed to process online payments in bitcoins.

If your airline is interested in being considered for this special opportunity please contact us.

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