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CashSender is an online payment service provider, incorporated in Canada in 2005.

CashSender only facilitates online payments which are legal in the countries served, and does not provide payment services for online gambling transactions. CashSender is not a banking organization. CashSender does not pay interest, nor does it lend money.

In accordance with our privacy policy, and user agreement CashSender does not share your financial information with payment recipients, or unrelated (to the transaction) third party organizations, unless required to do so by law or court order. In order to provide electronic funds transfer between your bank account and your CashSender account, certain financial information must be shared with financial organizations, as detailed in our privacy policy.


CashSender is a registered member of The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), the Canadian government agency that analyzes, assesses and monitors financial intelligence on suspected money laundering, terrorist financing, and threats to the security of Canada.

CashSender reguarly monitors any unusual or suspicious activity that may be a result of money laundering or terrorist financing. By law, FINTRAC requires CashSender to report money transfer transactions through our system that are greater than $10,000 CAD in monetary value.

The FINTRAC registration number for CashSender is 36835. For more information on FINTRAC please visit

Security Features

The latest online security measures have been put in place to protect your account from unauthorized access.

Data Encryption
CashSender employs high level SSL 128-bit key length encryption.

Extra PIN use
CashSender site members are required to use a 4-digit PIN in addition to their password when accessing accounts, sending payments and uploading and downloading sytem credits to bank accounts.

User Feedback System
When sending and receiving payments, users can leave viewable positive or negative feedback with comments.

No Clickable Links Policy
We have a policy of never sending clickable links within emails to site members in order to prevent phishing scams. If you receive a CashSender email with clickable links it is not from us.

Personalized ImageKey
For greater safety, site members are able to set up an ImageKey to assure they are on the real CashSender website (and not a spoof site) when logging in.

IP and Browser Lock Down
Site members can use our proprietary IP and browser lock down security feature in which the CashSender website records the user’s unique IP address and browser ID from his/her PC. This prevents all access to the site member’s account from anyone using an IP or browser that differs from the site member’s registered settings.

Information Security
Your personal and banking information are heavily guarded using a state-of-the-art encryption scheme, on our firewall-protected servers.