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CashSender Sandbox


The CashSender Sandbox is a self-contained environment that allows you to test CashSender features, such as the IPN, and integrate with your own website. The CashSender Sandbox is an almost identical copy of the live CashSender website, with a few differences described below. When integrating your website with CashSender, you should test your application with the Sandbox first before moving your application to production.

Setting up Sandbox Accounts

You can access the CashSender Sandbox with at Your CashSender account does not work with the Sandbox. To use the CashSender Sandbox you need to register for a separate account in the Sandbox. The registration and verification process is exactly the same as the live CashSender website. You will most likely need to register for mulitple accounts in the Sandbox, in order to test your application as both the buyer and seller.

Funding your Sandbox Accounts

In order to fund your CashSender Sandbox account for testing, go to My Accounts => Deposit Funds. Select "Test Deposit" in the Method drop down menu, and enter the amount you want to deposit. The amount will show up in your balance immediately.

Tips for operating different Sandbox accounts simultaneously

CashSender allows only one account to be logged in within your browser. To operate the different Sandbox accounts (e.g., when simulating the roles of buyer and seller), we suggest you open multiple browsers software at the same time and log in with the different accounts in the different browsers.

Differences between CashSender Sandbox and live CashSender website

  CashSender Sandbox Live CashSender Website
Site logo
Name and contact info Ficticious information is allowed. However, a functional email account is required for registration. Real information is required.
Depositing funds Use the method "Test Deposit".
Cheques, money order and bank account deposits are non-functional.
Cheques, money order and bank account.
Withdraw funds Non-functional. Cheques, money order and bank account.
Email Email header indicates that email is sent from the Sandbox.
Email are sent from the address.
Email are sent from the address