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What is Payyyy?

When it comes to online payments, Payyyy truly is the smarter way to pay.

With Payyyy, all payments are sourced from bank accounts instead of credit cards.

This means we can offer you some of the most favourable fees in the industry. Sending payments is free. Receiving a payment over $5 will cost you 15 cents. Receiving a payment under $5 is free.

Payyyy is safe, secure and easy to use. For personal payments, business payments, as well as donations and payments for non-profits, Payyyy is the smarter way to process payments.

Payyyy supports payments in multiple currencies.

Payyyy's merchant tools can easily be integrated into your website to facilitate one-click payment processing for goods, services, donations, downloads, pay-per-views, and more.

Users can electronically fund their Payyyy accounts from banks in the following countries.