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What happens if someone gains unauthorized access to my account and makes unauthorized transactions using my account?

You should immediately report the matter to our customer support staff by opening an “Unauthorized Access” support ticket (Under My Account -> Support).

It is extremely important that we are advised of account breaches as soon as possible so we can lock down unauthorized payments and breached accounts before the unauthorized payments can be downloaded out of the Payyyy system.

When breached payments have been downloaded out of the Payyyy system, Payyyy will report the matter to the police and the relevant financial institutions, but is in no way responsible, liable or accountable for financial losses resulting from unauthorized account use of any nature as detailed in the User Agreement (see Section 2.9 "Breach of Account - Unauthorized Account Use").

All members bear financial responsibility for all transactions conducted using their account.

It is up to each member to protect the secrecy of their account login, password and pin number. As stated in the User Agreement, the member is completely responsible for all use of their account.

We have developed a very comprehensive suite of security features to allow you to protect your account. Our security suite is the best in the business, and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with all the security tools available.