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About CashSender

CashSender was created to fill a gap in the online payment marketplace. Although many online payment providers exist in the space, high fees, lax security and poor technical support are problem areas.

While operating a niche online auction site in 2005, CashSender founder Henry Tenby received a multitude of feedback from buyers and sellers illuminating the problems with the existing online payment services.These included security concerns and complaints of high fees. To address these issues, Henry came up with a unique payment system to eliminate credit cards and only use bank account sourced credit, thus eliminating high fees. He also implemented high security features to protect accounts from unauthorized access.

CashSender was created as an alternative way to send and receive online payments in the most simple, secure and inexpensive way possible.

By processing payments completely removed from the credit card grid, CashSender passes the massive savings to online sellers by only charging a minimal flat fee of $1 for all payments received between $20 and $999, and all payments under $20 are free. Sending payments is free.

CashSender Financial Services Inc. is an online payment service provider, incorporated in Canada in 2005. Currently, due to market dynamics and strict Government regulations, CashSender accounts can only be linked to bank accounts in either Canada or the Euro Zone. Those with bank accounts in other countries can set up a CashSender account with limited capability. Learn More. Stay tuned, CashSender is on its way to more locations soon.

About Founder

Henry Tenby - President & Founder

Henry got his BBA in Aviation Management from the University of North Dakota in 1987, and then completed his MBA from UC Irvine in 1989. During the 1990s, he was employed in a budget and finance capacity in the airline industry, before launching his self-employment career in 1999, starting with the auction site, which today hosts 60,000 monthly auctions.

Over the past decade Henry has developed and operates a number of niche websites, and is experienced in developing web-based businesses. He is keenly interested in aviation, photography, video filming, and visiting off-the-beaten-track destinations.